About Pride & Joy Child Care Nursery Wythall Birmingham

Our nursery

Pride and Joy Childcare was established in November 2013. The building itself has undergone a substantial refurbishment, and occupies a single storey, easily accessible building that houses many different areas that children are able to use to their full advantage. Providing children with a stimulating and exciting learning environment.

Pride and Joy Childcare is currently owned by Charlotte Pearce and Sara Degville who together form a partnership with, between them, over ten years experience.

Together they form a strong and highly trained management team including Level 5 management diplomas. Both Charlotte and Sara hold BA Hons degree level qualifications in Early Years and Education.


Charlotte and Sara pride themselves on being highly involved in the daily running of the nursery and their priority is to provide quality care for all children and build a passionate team around each individual child. We employ a strong and dedicated team of qualified staff to implement our mission statement. We have a full time manager that has over ten years experience in early years and five years in a management role who is also highly qualified and passionate about providing high quality childcare and inspiring our team.

We are an open plan setting which is key to supporting our mission statement of providing a home from home environment with an open door policy for parents and our team of employees. We provide learning environments in Lullaby Lane for young children ages 0-2 years old and Learners Lane for children ages 2 to school age. Each room is separated by a low partition, this allows fantastic learning experiences for all children. Children are able to interact with all staff members and children have the opportunity to interact with their siblings, relations and friends. Our open plan environment provides a supportive transition process as the children feel comfortable in their environment and form strong relationships with familiar adults. We support each individual child based on their needs and they transition from Lullaby Lane to Learners Lane only when they are ready, happy and settled with a new key worker.

Our team implements strict policies and procedures to ensure children are safe and learn positive behaviours. We provide regular training to ensure high standards are maintained at all times, with our team all receiving regular safeguarding and first aid training.

Parent Partnership

At Pride and Joy childcare we firmly believe parent partnerships with nursery are key to a child’s learning and development journey, we implement a key worker system who will use daily communication diaries to discuss your child’s day at nursery, their needs and their achievements! We have accessible learning journeys that we welcome all parents/guardians to access at any time. Together we encourage discussions of children’s next steps and encourage parents/guardians to share your child’s experiences and interests to reflect in individual and nursery planning. We invite parents to a parents evening three times a year where we can discuss your child’s progress at nursery and share their achievements. We also welcome discussion whenever needed with your child’s key worker or management. We also use our website’s parents page as an effective system where we can share useful information, newsletters, important letters and updates of our nursery journey!

Behaviour management

At Pride and Joy childcare we have an effective behaviour management policy where we operate a no shouting and no time out procedures. Our values are reflected in the daily running of our nursery and we believe shouting or using a time out method does not achieve positive behaviour. Young children are developing emotions ready for adult life and it is our responsibility to support children to understand their emotions and how to deal with them! Reacting to behaviour that is a result of anger by shouting at a child or putting them in time out is a form of punishment and we don’t feel this is supportive method of teaching your child how to manage their feelings. At Pride and Joy Childcare we value positive behaviour and reward these behaviours appropriately.

At Pride and Joy Childcare we strongly recommend you visit our nursery before securing a place and we welcome show rounds at the most convenient time for you! You can find our contact details on the enquiry page!

Healthy Eating

At Pride and Joy Childcare we encourage children to eat healthy and explore a various range of healthy foods, teaching children the importance of a balanced diet. We have a two week menu so children have the opportunity to eat different foods each day they attend nursery. We encourage all children to try new food and this is supported through various play opportunities planned for each individual child. We offer breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack and tea throughout our daily routine to ensure children are happy and full of energy! During the induction process we find out your child’s likes and dislikes and are always happy to accommodate dietary needs, allergies and preferences. You can view our menus on our ‘news’ page.

Settling in process

We offer a settling in process for your family to ensure your child is happy and ready to start nursery. This usually happens over a four week period where we invite you to come to nursery with your child for the first hour this allows you to get to know all of our staff and discuss your child’s needs and interests. After this we slowly encourage the child to come to nursery for short periods of time until they are settled and prepared to start! This settling in process allows children to form relationships so they can seek comfort in a familiar adult whilst away from their parents/guardians. We believe this settling in process supports the transition from home to nursery effectively and ensures the child is comfortable to start there journey at nursery.